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Irrigation Well Drilling Service

Serving Northern Wisconsin & The UP of Michigan

Irrigation Well Drillers – Wisconsin

Trust Rhinelander Well Drilling Inc. for all your irrigation well drilling needs in Wisconsin and Michigan. We provide aggrictulture well drilling services tailored to your specific requirements and needs, and will help you choose the water system that is the most efficient and effective for your farm or property.  The summers in WI & MI can get very dry so a properly installed and maintained irrigation system can be one of your best investments to keep the water you need in the summertime flowing.  We are experience will drillers who understand the irrigation well needs of farmers & property owners.  Please contact us today with any questions you have or to tell us our your project.  We offer fully well irrigation systems from design to install, aw well as well & pump repair of existing systems.



Irrigation Well Drilling Services

  • Pilot Hole Drilling
  • Reaming
  • Surface Casing
  • Water Jets
  • Pressure Cementing
  • Pump Selection & Set Up
  • Complete Water Systems
  • And Much More
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